Standard Site Plan

(2 customer reviews)


  • Property Lines
  • Dimensions of the property lines
  • Main Structures
  • House Dimensions
  • Distances between Structures & Lot Lines
  • North Arrow
  • Scale
  • Names of Adjacent Street
  • Accessory Structures
  • Trees
  • Driveway
  • Paths
  • Swimming Pool

2 reviews for Standard Site Plan

  1. Hydro P.

    Perfect site plan depicting the simple residential details I needed to submit to local authorities for proposed shed. Many people just freehand draw their site plans to scale while ours was professional! Very happy with the results!

  2. Fero

    I saved hundreds of dollars and received great service even though I needed several alterations to the plan as the county required for our building permit. So happy I didn’t have to pay hundreds more dollars to a surveyor to come out!

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